Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Langkawi Trip Day 1

Local Trip Plan 2012 : Langkawi Island, Kedah DarulAman
Date: 28 April 2012 - 1 May 2012

We have planned our mid year tour to Pulau Langkawi.  An island full of Legend of Mahsuri.  A lady who cursed the island for 7th generation after she died.  If you want to know more on Ms Mahsuri...please read the Malaysia history book....haaaa!

We are taking FIREFLY from Penang to Langkawi Island.

We are looking forward to visit Langkawi now.....

We saw the SECOND Penang Bridge when the FIREFLY departed from Penang Island.......almost 50% done!!

Reaching Langkawi Island Airport.......

This is our hotel - BAYVIEW HOTEL, LANGKAWI.

The room is looked clean and organized.

We have taken rest before start our day 1 journey......

Laman Padi (Padi Field Museum)....our first destination.

We all know that Kedah State is famous with Paddy Field.....so we should know paddy story from this museum.  But too bad - we are not allowed to snap any photo inside the museum.

A very nice cafe in the museum.....

After some walking, take a rest!

This is the museum outlook.

We can see a big herb garden in this museum.

A pineapple...no!  It is a very mini size pineapple tree in the garden.

This is the entrance area of the museum.

Our second stop in Day 1 - Al Taj Hotel, Rebak Island.  An Island whereby 15 min boat time from Langkawi Island.

This is the ferry will bring us from Langkawi to Rebak Island.  What I am doing there?  Haaa! I am visiting one of my best friend who I know him since my UUM schooling days.  He is the CFO of the al Taj Hotel now.

First view when reaching Al Taj Hotel jetty....a big yacht area.

Picture in front of Al Taj Hotel Garden. 

But the most impressive area - still will be the yachts ..... whereby all the millionaires in this world parking their yacht in this hotel.

Good camera spot!

Another good view you cannot missed.

A good place to "paktoa"!

Waaahhhh...I like the yacht here!!
I am having a good dinner with my best friend in Rebak Island - Al Taj Hotel.  A hotel I never seen any Asian...but we can see either White Man or Arab Man only.

I really enjoy the good dinner here...

A good drink!

A good Salmon Fish!

A Good Pizza! 
A Yummmy Yummmy Nasi Briani!!

Then, we take a short rest in a big hotel party area....

Then, walking around to take some more photo...

Yes...I am taking a buggies cap from hotel lobby to hotel jetty....

We are wearing the safety suit in the boat! Good Bye my lovely REBAK ISLAND!!

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